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Chris became my therapist in 2017. At the time, I had a near-burnout and was on sick leave for several weeks. I felt immense pressure in my professional and private life.


My workload seemed unmanageable and whenever my boss wanted to talk to me I was worried it would be to fire me.

At home, I often quarreled with my family and friends for seemingly trivial reasons. After these fights, I felt extremely guilty.


Overall I thought most people wanted to hurt me or see me fail and that I had to defend myself against this hostile environment at all costs.

When I look back on these beliefs and my behavior, I am amazed at how much my view of the world has changed because of Chris.

He first taught me to better understand my thoughts, my emotions and my physical sensations in the moments when I felt "attacked". In our weekly sessions, we reviewed the most difficult situations for me over the past week and then discussed strategies to implement to defuse a similar situation in the future.


This process was sometimes very difficult and sometimes I felt like my world was turned upside down. Chris was there and supported me through the process and I absolutely couldn't have done it without his help. His humorous and upbeat demeanor is absolutely contagious, and I left each session hopeful and recharged.

Today there are still situations where I feel vulnerable and overwhelmed.


But thanks to my work with Chris, I now feel in control of my emotions and actions. I no longer feel like an impostor at work and if I argue with my loved ones I quickly recognize what's going on and can defuse the situation.

I was put in contact with Chris in October 2019.  I was basically a hot mess; recovering from major surgery, had a burn-out and had other work-related issues.  I was in a bad place.  Chris was very instrumental in getting me to the “light at the end of my very dark tunnel”.


As I found it difficult to express myself in French (my mother tongue being English)  Speaking to Chris was a great help as he is English mother tongue and he also speaks fluent French; a real plus for me.  

Chris possesses excellent analytical and communication skills and is a great listener/observer which really helped in identifying the root problems and exploring various plans of action and their alternatives . He then gently planted the seed to jump-start their implementation. I have also found Chris to be trustworthy, patient, empathetic and up-beat whilst remaining professional .   

It has definitely been a long, rough journey but thanks to Chris’ intervention,  I have made great progress getting the old me back and I am even daring to look forward to a bright future. I would therefore highly recommend Chris. 

Thank you Chris!! 

I have been working Chris for a number of years.

The opportunity for me to work with someone in my native language has allowed me freedom of expression and to build a therapeutic relationship, which is essential for me to be benefit from the service that he provides.

Chris has a pragmatic, client-centered approach to therapy ; adapting each session to my immediate and longer-term goals. This approach is why I have returned to work with him during several difficult periods of my life over the past few years. 

He also offers a flexible schedule, including virtual sessions, which have allowed me to continue therapy as needed from wherever I am.Having access to this service has supported me during some very challenging times and allowed me to address important issues and work towards resolving them.

I have recommended Chris's service to others and will continue to do so.

I went to see Chris for the first time to discuss my anxiety. Not only did he give me the keys to overcoming it, he also gave me a real inspiration: Chris himself! Forget the austere appointments you might imagine going to the shrink. 


Chris put a smile on my face from the very first moment of our conversation. 


He has a great sense of humour, and at the same time a great deal of finesse in his analysis. He knew how to guide me, ask me the right questions, and value me, all so that on the one hand I could better understand the problem that brought me to him, and on the other hand I could develop the tools to overcome it. 


Chris is a real Swiss Army knife; he alternates between a calm discussion, diagrams on the board, thought exercises, relaxation techniques and feedback. 

I couldn't see the time passing! What I also really liked about Chris was his caring.


He is really there for you, with all his knowledge and experience in the field, and at no time did I feel any judgment. We have been on a journey together, during which I have tried things, I have understood, I have learned, and now I can only thank him for the serenity I have found.

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