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About me

As a FSP specialised psychologist and psychotherapist we first have to complete a Masters degree in Psychology. In Switzerland, the title “psychologist” is today legally protected by the LPsy. After this degree, a psychologist must then train for at least five years to become a psychotherapist. The training means working under the supervision of more experienced colleagues, having relevant experience in counselling and psychotherapy, following treatment as a patient yourself.


This is a brief summary of my career path: 

  • Masters degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Lausanne.

  • Postgraduate psychological psychotherapy training in Cognitive Behaviour Pychotherapy (CBT) and Positive Psychology.

  • Clinical practice as a psychologist and psychotherapist in a social institution and private practices.

  • Post graduate studies in Positive Psychology (CAS).


Working with children, adolescents, adults and their families allowed me to acquire a plethora of humanistic tools, while developing my practice as a psychotherapist. This is combined with a clinical CBT training helps me to mix many different techniques, tools, models and theories so as to stay flexible and adapt myself to your needs.


About five years ago, I became interested in relationships, specifically the issues of toxic relationships through manipulation (narcissistic perversion) and its consequences. At around the same time, I started specializing in Schema Therapy. More recently, I completed post graduate training in Positive Psychology, furthering my knowledge, tools and concepts as to help my patients with well-being and flourishing after trauma.


Spoken languages :

English, French.


Professional Associations :

Swiss Society of Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapy

Swiss Association of Cognitive Psychotherapy

Swiss Federation of Psychologists

Vaud Association of Psychologists

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Psychologue spécialiste en psychothérapie FSP & SSTCC

Psychothérapeute reconnu au niveau fédéral

Spécialisé en Thérapie Cognitive et Comportementale

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